Academic performance of a school can also be judged from the point of view Final Examination of class 10th standard. Our schools are under the Board of Secondary Education, Assam. The students have to appear in the final examination conducted by Board, All Assam basis at class X. The Final Examination is known as High School Leaving Certificate Examination.

Since 1994 the Final Examination Result of our schools are very good which can be depict from the past years performance by our students. Click here to view the Final examination result of Shankardev Shishu/Vidya Niketan of Assam

The proclaimed objectives of Vidya Bharati is to develop a National Education System based that is based on eternal Bharatiya heritage as a relevance to the modern context. Vidwat Parisad of Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam has been formed that comprises of a large number of eminent educationists and scholarly people from Assam. The council organize the seminar for different levels, ranging from the school level, to the national level. It will be pertinent to note here that, the preparation of Text Book for all classes and its approval is the main function of Vidwat Parisad.

Under Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam there are our independent publication cells named as ‘Prakashan Bharati’ and Assam Prakashan Bharati which are responsible in publish the text book and other books as per approval and instructions from the Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam and Vidwat Parisad, already the publication cells have published text books and other relevant books etc. upto class V. Now the cell has made a plan to publish books meant for class VI in different subjects.

Moral and Spiritual Education have a link in all the subjects of schools. In fact it is not a subject but an educational reformation. Stress has been given by the Vidya Bharati to uplift the children of schools by this education. And for all the Acharyas it is an important subject to be taught to the children. It is the aim of Vidya Bharati that all the Acharyas pay attention in the subject which is also included in the curriculum.

The root of the development of man and the social is science. Therefore it is essential that teaching of science should be understanding and practical based. In order to develop scientific aptitude among students Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam organized at Prantio Level in each year. It is to be noted that eminent scientists are also invited to motivate the students. The minimum duration of this exhibition is 4 days. Alongwith the exhibition quiz competition on science, training for power point presentation of model etc. are also organized. Renowned scientists are invited to deliver lecture in some selected subject among the student gathered from the various part of Brahmaputra Valley. Winners of science models are allowed to join in the National Level of science exhibition held under the sponsorship of Vidya Bharati. In the year 2012 a science model presented by Sri Madhurya Das on ‘Kalakhar’ of Baghmara Shankardev Shishu/ Vidya Niketan judged as best science Model for the year 2012 and this exhibition was held at Satna (M.P) 27th November 30th November November’2012. (Kalakhar : A type of alkali obtained from the ashes of banana tree,)

It is well known fact that the aim of Vidya Bharati its to provide the quality education based on one Bharatiya Cultural Tradition. So as to fulfill the above aim the Vidya Bharati Conducted the Akhil Bharatiy Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha yearly. The students of Vidya Bharati Schools as well as other School, students of class iv to class xii are eligible to appear in this examinations. Not only that Acharya and guardian may also appear in Entrance, Madhyama, Uttama and Pragya Examination. It is pertinent to note here that the study materials are supplied by Vidya Bharati Sanskriti Shiskha Sanstha, Solaupur Road Kurukshatra (Hariyana). It is a registered autonomous body which functioning in the country since 30th July1984.

The cost of study material as well as examination fees very nominal. The successful candidates of this examination are awarded a certificate. During the year 2012, from class iv to class xii a total number 51,019 students of Shankardev Shishu Niketan, 231 from other school, 392 Acharya, Guardians are appeared in the Sanskrit Gyan Parikha Examination.

According to Bharatiya Culture the Vidya Bharati has implemented Yoga education in the schools. It is important to noted that by this education the organization has taken a bold step to make our children talent, intelligent and spiritually develop.

To enrich the creativity and cheerfulness among the children Music has also been introduced in our school curriculum.

In Bharatiya Culture ‘Sanskrit Language’ is called the language of gods. By the utterance of this language the Bharatiya people belonged to Hindu Community great strength. Sanskrit language is a scientific language. The Vidya Bharati has introduced the language in the curriculum from class II to class VII in the schools to strengthen our children potential.

The aim of physical education is to develop the healthy atmosphere, a better and nice environment to our children. By this children will develop their good manners and good behavior. To make the physical education a success the Vidya Bharati has implemented many programmes such as health education, health cheek up, games and sports and gymnastics.

To make our students enlightened citizens of Bharat, the Shishu Shiksha Samiti lay equal stress on extra curricular and Co-curricular activities. The Co-curricular activities enable the students to understand his / her responsibilities towards the society. It includes tree plantation. Social service, Sanskar Yojana, Shishu Sanmalon, Cultural Competition, Gosh Training etc. In addition to the above there are some compulsory programmes in each Niketan for one day in the year as a part of Co-curricular activities, such as Sanskrit Day (February), English Day (March), Hindi Day (April), Brilliant Student Day (May) etc.

Sports and Games are an integral part of the our educational system. Regular practices of sports and Games are done in the Ninetan during the working period. At Niketan’s level annual sports meet held at the beginning of each year. The students who are ranked in the Niketan games, they have to play in the Sankul games and sports competition. The students who are ranked in the team first and second at sankul level they are sent to Bibhag Sports Competition. Among the selected students at Bibhag level they have to join in the Prantiya Sports competition. The ranked students at Prantiya level they have to play at Khetriya level. Again those who ranked at Khetria level they have to play at Akhil Bharatia level (All India Level). The School Games Federation of India (SGFI) has also identified Vidya Bharati School as a special State to contest at National level. The performance of our student in last few years as – 2010 games organized at Bikaner (Rajasthan) in where we ranked for Gold – 8, Silver-3 and Branj – 2, Smt. Annesha Phukan of Dibrugarh judged as Best Atheltics. In 2011 Akhil Bharatia Khel Kud was held at Mathura and we wind as Gold-4, Silver-4 and Branj -5. The performance of sport meet held at Janshi UP duing 2011 (for 2012) qualified for Gold-1 and Silver – 2. Students ranked at Akhil Bharatia Level are recognized by the School Games Federation of India (S.G.F.I.) in the entire games and sports competition in a lined diagram will be Niketan > Sankul > Bibhag > Prantiya > Khetria > Akhil Bharatia

To judges the talent as well as knowledge of students of class v and class viii are allowed to appear the scholarship examination conducted by the Education Branch of Assam Government. In every year students of our Niketans are qualified for upper ranked only. In addition to the above, scholarship examinations are also conducted at Sankul, Bibhag level students ranked in the scholarship examinations are awarded some prizes with certificates. Students ranked at Bibhag level.

A child’s life is full of fun and bliss. The child as well as mentors must have a feeling of this bliss through education. The melody of music, the beauty of the colours, the fun of Games, all there are the beautiful aspects of a Shishu Vatika, it is a system of education where there is no burden of the books nor any stress of examinations. Vidya Bharati has developed this unique system taking one of all aspects including teaching training, development of educational toys, moral stories, pictures and every thing else. Accordingly the Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam started Shishu Vatika in the Niketans. The public response is very good for admission into Shishu Vatika.

Generally our Niketans are established with the help of social worker and guardians. The guardians are playing a very crucial role in the infrastructure development of the school. Some of the guardians are also nominated in the Niketans Managing Committee as member. In every year, to hold a guardian meeting is mandatory. This meets helps to develop cordial relationship between the Acharya’s and guardians. Progress report as well as future development schemes of the Niketans are placed by the Pradhanacharya at guardian meeting. The school managing committee considers the suggestions made by the guardian meeting for all round development of the school. It is to be noted that the major portion of expenditure in infrastructure development in the Niketans are contributed by the guardian and public because they love their mother language as medium of instruction.

It is said that mothers are creator the family as well as society; on the basis of this proverb there is a provision to from a Mothers Association, Known as Matri Sanmilon in every NIketan. The main function of this association to hold an annual lecture on the topics such as child development and their care, role of mother in a family, to hold cultural, sports completion among them and to render their valuable services at the time of organizing any function of the Niketan. Generally two to three members of the Matri Sanmilon are nominated by the Chairmen of Managing Committee as member of the Niketan’s Managing Committee.

How effective an educational institution is cannot be judge merely by its infrastructure on activities. The Alumni are the true reflection of an institution. Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam has identified this force and now Alumni council has been formed. It is to be noted that the one of the major activities of this association is to develop this web site at force of cost.